Posted on Mar 13, 2020

GTA Gum Removal Ltd.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Chemical Disinfection of Exterior Surfaces

We can offer chemical disinfection of exterior surfaces should the need arise, though we hope it does not.

For municipalities or corporate clients, before opening a park or public space, we can apply a strong bleach solution to disinfect the area.

This is something we are experienced with as we do it on a regular basis.

We use sodium hypochlorite mixed with surfactants for cleaning algae and mildew from exteriors of buildings in concentrations in excess of 5000 ppm, which with the correct dwell time, is enough to disinfect exterior surfaces. Some more info here.

We can effectively apply it to large areas and rinse well with hot pressure washing. We also have our vacuum system to ensure we are not polluting the environment.

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